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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Wallet-Sized Planet : A Beginner’s Take on the iPhone

The Wallet-Sized Planet : A Beginner’s Take on the iPhone

As a true-blue tech-savvy, I’ve always wondered about the massive influence of the Apple iPhone. Well, I’ve always been a Sony Ericsson type of guy, amazed by its user-friendly interface and the cool Android operating system. However, since the launch of Apple’s first iPhone, eventually altering the playing field among current mobile phones, I couldn’t let myself be eluded by such a noteworthy fuss. This is why I decided to purchase an iPhone! 
After unboxing and turning it on, I did what I always do whenever I get a new phone: I downloaded lots and lots of gaming apps! The ones I chose, “Fruit Ninja” and “Lazer Racer,” did not disappoint me, pulling me to play until the wee hours of the morning. After having grown tired of constantly losing at “Fruit Ninja,” I then tried to tinker with messaging app to compose text messages, which mind you, is not at all easy for a guy with pudgy fingers typing on a touchscreen. However, after about 30 minutes of having a conversation through text, I finally got the hang of it. No biggie.

While in awe of iPhone’s ease of use and practicality, it was hard to stop downloading app after app after app. There seems to be an application for everything you are interested in, which makes the iPhone extremely convenient; so convenient in fact that you will find yourself getting more and more reliant on the phone. It was a way of being one with the world without the hassles of bringing along a clunker device. You no longer need your laptop to log on to Facebook and change your status or post the latest deets about you on Twitter. As long as 3G technology is on, you can do all that with your iPhone.

But my iPhone story isn’t all happiness and joy: I can cite two dismal instances. The first incident included myself, my iPhone and the calm waves of a beach in Cape Cod. Obviously, the iPhone doesn’t swim and did not share my inclination to breezy sea sides. It got drenched when one of my friends pulled me in the water while the iPhone was still in my pocket. Second, while driving along the US Route 20, I received an SMS from a colleague that required an immediate response. As any stubborn, traffic rule-flouting guy like me would do, I started to text on my iPhone while driving. To make the long story short, I focused too much on typing the message and paid less attention to the road, resulting in my crashing into the car in front of me. It’s probably my fault that I got into that car accident, but I find it more comforting blaming it on the iPhone.

Despite that, I cannot emphasize enough how much the iPhone has revolutionized, not only mobile phones, but communication in its entirety. It allows you to communicate through different media in real time. It also allows us to keep in touch with one another, more informed, and more “in the know.” It has made the world small enough to fit inside your pocket.

That’s the might of the Apple iPhone.


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